Small Claim Court

Small Claims Court is one of the branches of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. It handles monetary claims up to $25,000. Small Claims Court is a fast, effective , and a cost-efficient way to claim or recover money for cases including but not limited to:

* Unpaid invoices for goods or services.

* Unpaid loans ( including personal loans ).

* Property damages or personal injury caused by another party.

* Defamation and Slander ( causing damages to a person or a business reputation ).

Before you decide to start your claim, first you must determine the merit of starting such a claim. You can book a free consultation appointment to help you determine the worthiness of starting your claim, the possible outcomes and to see if you have any other alternatives.

Note : we do take some cases on a Contingency Basis ( we get paid a percentageĀ  from the money we collect for you ).

This paralegal service is provided in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto area by licensed paralegals.