Refugee Claims – IRB

Refugees and persons in need of protection are people within or outside Canada who fear going back to their home country. In keeping with its humanitarian tradition and international obligations, Canada protects thousands of people each year.

We as licensed paralegal in Ontario will guide you and stand with you throughout the process (2-4 months).

* We will sit with you to discuss your Refugee Protection Claim and determine if you are eligible for a refugee claim in Canada.

*  If you are eligible, we will help you fill all the required forms , gather all the supporting documents and evidence, and apply at the Immigration and Refugee Board office .

* After applying , we will help you prepare for your hearing day by finding and covering any legal weakness in your case, and get you ready for any question you may be asked at the day of hearing.

* Finally, We will represent you at the Immigration and refugee Board hearing in Toronto, ON.

* If successful you will be eligible to apply to become a Permanent Resident in Canada.

So, If you have reasons which prevent you from going back to your country . You can book an appointment with us to see if you are eligible for a Refugee Claim.

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