International Students

Inter-Canada Legal Services ” paralegal law office in Mississauga” helps International students apply and be accepted by a Canadian College or University  whether for short English course or acceptance for a full time College or University program. After Obtaining the acceptance we will also help you with the process of obtaining  your initial Study Permit or extensions of an existing Study Permit at your local Canadian Visa office.

If you are planning to study in Canada contact us to help you with the following ;

* Determine your Eligibility ” Free Consultation ”

* Choosing the Course or Program of study you need.

* Choosing an Educational institution that fits your needs.

* Apply to and be accepted by a Canadian educational institute ( English School , College or University  ).

* Represent you at your Local Canadian Visa Office by filling Study Permit Application and communicating with the Canadian Visa Office on your behalf.

* After Arriving to Canada we can also help International Students in Canada with extending their Study Permits and \or applying for work permits.

You can contact us by the following methods
By E-mail :
Skype : Intercanada82
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